Slave 4 U: Six Britney-Inspired Looks For Her First Concert in Manila

Whether or not you’re going to her concert, you can still channel your inner Brit in these iconic looks. Like a fever dream from the 90s, Britney Spears occupies a wet, hot, untouchable place in our minds. For all the pop stars that have cropped up since Britney’s 90s and early 2000s heyday, none have […]

BENCH MEETS Addie Manzano

Sometimes, being a spectator can be as intense as the game at play. The rush of action and the roar of a crowd can be absolutely intoxicating. Benchsetter Addie Manzano is familiar with this feeling. As a UAAP courtside reporter and host for ANC show Upfront, Addie stands between the excitement of competition and the […]

Bench Meets SINYMA

  For a while, Manila seemed content to march mindlessly to the foreign beat. Top DJs were dropping in from all over, slowly turning our city into a clubbing capital. All well and good, but when it came to original Pinoy dance music, that stuff seemed to have retired from the party long ago. To […]

Nightcrawlers – Stories From the City (Part 2)

Darker days in the city call for wild nights of release. For a bunch of cool kids, midyear rains and ho-hum routines justify deliverance through flashing club lights and explosive beats. Sam, Gustavo, and Kevin head to Makati’s Black Market, where the bar’s Riot House Saturdays promise a night of abandon. Beer bongs are passed […]

Shot at the Night – Stories From the City (Part I)

The impulse to wander may have drifted with summer, but the city still inspires its own journeys. In Part I of B/BLOG’s “Stories From the City,” two lovers navigate the thrilling start of a relationship—and in the perfect date night outfits from BENCH. Chris and Maan play a couple that met one fine summer day […]

The New Girls

Get your picture taken these days and you’ve got all eyes—or a whole lot of them—on you. Anyone with decent bone structure and a mastery of which filters most flatter can pose, pout, and rack up a following on Instagram. There are those poised for larger things, however. More than a quick like and scroll-down, […]

Through the Roof: The Standouts of Summer

Imagine a year without summer. Without the sun’s requisite slap in the face to remind you that you can take a break from routine and all the resolutions you set out to accomplish. Breaks are scheduled this time of the year for a reason and B/BLOG gathered a group of young people who most certainly […]

BENCH MEETS: Kiana Valenciano

It’s tempting to accuse Kiana Valenciano of coasting on her dad’s fame, hallowed be his name in entertainment. She doesn’t make it easy for us, however. It turns out Mr. Pure Energy’s daughter is Miss Pure Effortlessness. There’s the obvious sense of style she documents on her blog, making a plain tank top look simply elegant […]

BENCH MEETS: Samantha Humphries

Walking onto the set of our photo shoot, Sam Humphries wore a gauzy cream dress and beat-up boots, laces untied. It’s as if the 18-year-old had hitchhiked from the woods—or from nowhere, really. With her wild hair and elven features, the model (and little sis to actress Carla Humphries) has landed photo shoots spanning Preview […]