B/TV: Fix’d Up – Lee Min Ho Hair Tutorial

Rather than get a tattoo of a screen idol or pop star, stealing their style is the easiest, least binding way to show your love. You’ll never reach the height of Lee Min Ho’s fame, but you can reach the height of his hair. Collaborating with Studio FIX by celebrity hairstylist Alex Carbonell, B/BLOG launched […]

Manila’s Heart Melts for Min Ho Once More

Calling the welcome Lee Min Ho received warm would be an understatement. A white-hot welcome was more like what the Korean star got when he returned to our shores a second time. While shooting a few ads was on Min Ho’s itinerary, it was the fans he had come for through the Benchsetter Fun Meet […]

BENCH Denim for a Summer on the Move

It’ll be a summer on the move for B/BLOG. This season, the sun will be beating down hard so we can’t keep still. We’re hitting the road, seeing the sights, and living life with absolute flavor. The best companion for a summer of hot wanderlust is a pair of bright, stretchy, and versatile BENCH jeans. […]

ART TO HEART: Lee Min Ho by Mega Fashion Crew’s Nicky Roa

After finding out about Lee Min Ho’s return in March, we got a little impatient and inspired. B/BLOG discovered designer and fashion illustrator Nicky Roa on ETC’s reality competition Mega Fashion Crew and asked the young talent to draw our dreams into reality. After styling clothes from BENCH’s “Live Life with Flavor” collection into two […]

LEE MIN HO & BENCH’S Boys of Summer in the Season’s Hottest Tops

Showing us how to take a bite out of life are BENCH’s boys of summer, starting with Global Benchsetter Lee Min Ho. From Borgy to Piolo, the boys put on the hottest tops to stay on top of the summer heat, and give us a taste of one cool collection to covet.