Bench/PRESS: “Fashionable Filipinas” Book Launch

To love the motherland is to love the women who have built it. Much more if those women carried the nation on the strong, high shoulders of their ternos.

B/TV: “6200: Mission Possible” – Compassion Over Clothing

In making quality clothing accessible to the Filipino people, BENCH knows how important it is to provide a person’s basic needs. Since Yolanda struck last year, devastated areas such as Ormoc City have sought aid more lasting than just food, drink, and shelter. Fishermen who lost their boats during the typhoon have lost the means […]

The Lucy Loves List

  It’s always a good idea to kick your week off with a little love. Who better a representative of the warm and fuzzies than Lucy Torres-Gomez? Despite the deluge of work she has to deal with as a congresswoman, Lucy makes sure to step back and appreciate what’s around her, whether she’s in her […]

THROWBACK: Richard & Lucy for Bench/

They met while shooting a shampoo commercial, sealed their love through a television show, and devoted their love to the country through politics. No living Philippine couple is as adored, celebrated, and committed as eternal Bench endorsers Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez. As Valentine’s fast approaches, B/BLOG found proof of such an enduring love: contact […]