B/TV: Bench/ Summer 2016 – #EverySummerHasAStory

Under the sun’s stare, anything can happen. The heat spurs us to move – to hit the road, to find shelter, to appreciate things under a brighter light. BENCH Summer 2016 proclaims the season as a setting for adventure, romance, and mystery. This year, the plot thickens with new characters like Coleen Garcia, Michelle Dee, […]

Markki Stroem’s Heart of Darkness

On family teleserye, Dyesebel, Markki Stroem goes deep. Playing a vengeful merman on GMA’s revival of the half-fish tale, he dove into a bit of backstory. “He might have been hurt by someone in the past. His parents could have been killed by someone on land, so he has a vendetta against them,” Markki says […]