B/PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 4 of 4

It’s fitting that the final part of the B/PROUD series comes out on the day of our country’s independence—a day we would not celebrate if not for those brave enough to stand up against external rule. While we may have long broken free of another country’s church and state, personal freedoms are still being fought […]

B/ PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 2 of 4

Constricting conventions inspire creative rebellion. The gay community has been exemplary at this. By limiting identity through religion, law, and prejudice, Manila’s queers have found clever ways to live out loud—and often, through a carefree night out. To capture 28 of B/PROUD’s #100HappyGays, B/BLOG headed to Cubao hotspot TODAY x FUTURE, where a predominantly LGBT […]