Double Take: Model-Photographers Arthur Tselishchev x Eric Soriano

The right kind of exposure in front of a camera might make a model curious enough to look behind it. At least for fine male specimens Eric Soriano and Arthur Tselishchev, photography clicked as a side career to their modeling. After discovering their work on Instagram, B/BLOG unleashed the models-slash-lensmen on the stylish streets of […]

B/PROUD: A Bench/ Pride Month Special– Part 1 of 4

You can’t deny the strength in numbers—strength necessary for a war that’s surprisingly still fought today. When Philippine church and state think homosexuality can be suppressed and many Filipinos consider it a joke, it helps to present a reality that’s clear, vivid, and as solid as the number 100. The B/PROUD campaign was born from […]

BENCH/MEETS: Eldzs Mejia & Fold Canela

Who knew a K-Pop connection could lead to a mutual devotion as staunch as the music genre’s fans? Metro Magazine fashion editor Eldzs Mejia and fashion filmmaker Fold Canela first met through a K-Pop fan group, recreating their favorite dance routines. Amid their shared love for K-culture, they’ve since become a couple to love for […]