B/TV: “Home Free” – Marriage Equality Now

Gay men go about their days the way many people do. They wake up, have breakfast, maybe slip in some social media time, and head off to work. Just as the right to make a living should be due any human being, why isn’t the right to make a lifelong commitment to another person available […]

THE COOL KIDS OF SUMMER II – A Bench Meets Special

Like all good things, summer has come to an end. As we near the season’s close, we get to know the kids who warmed us up to some awesome new ideas, be it in music, film, or fashion. B/BLOG gathered our second batch of “cool kids” for an end-of-summer picnic, where they dish on what […]

B/ PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 2 of 4

Constricting conventions inspire creative rebellion. The gay community has been exemplary at this. By limiting identity through religion, law, and prejudice, Manila’s queers have found clever ways to live out loud—and often, through a carefree night out. To capture 28 of B/PROUD’s #100HappyGays, B/BLOG headed to Cubao hotspot TODAY x FUTURE, where a predominantly LGBT […]