YOUTH ISSUES – Meg & Young Star

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues. The Philippines is no exception to […]

THE COOL KIDS OF SUMMER II – A Bench Meets Special

Like all good things, summer has come to an end. As we near the season’s close, we get to know the kids who warmed us up to some awesome new ideas, be it in music, film, or fashion. B/BLOG gathered our second batch of “cool kids” for an end-of-summer picnic, where they dish on what […]

B/DAY: Celebrating 27 Years of BENCH with YOUNG STAR

BENCH turns 27 this month. As a salute to the Filipino brand, B/BLOG pays tribute to its very first product and the core of every person’s wardrobe: the basic white t-shirt. To reflect the label’s very foundation, we called upon newspaper youth section Young Star to proclaim a new wave of people whose personal style […]