For a man who knows the law pretty well, Tyson Kraft is quite the rule breaker. After graduating from law school and landing a private firm, it wasn’t long before the Fil-Australian called “objection” on legal practice and ditched it for music, his calling since he was a toddler banging on old Milo cans.             […]

B/PROUD: A BENCH/ Pride Month Special – Part 4 of 4

It’s fitting that the final part of the B/PROUD series comes out on the day of our country’s independence—a day we would not celebrate if not for those brave enough to stand up against external rule. While we may have long broken free of another country’s church and state, personal freedoms are still being fought […]

BENCH/MEETS: Samantha Lee

With her sexy brand of gender-defying style, filmmaker Sam Lee has become a fixture in magazines and the Instagrams of industry heavies BJ Pascual and Liz Uy. She’s emerged less an It Girl and more a femme fascination: a sideboob-baring darling in front of the cameras whose work behind them is even more impressive. Besides […]