Hot Days, Warm Feelings

  It takes a trip, psychedelic or other, to get closer to the company you keep. Inspired by the warm friendships a hot summer can foster, B/BLOG set out with three kids running toward the freedom of their youth and chasing memories along the way. Listen to a “Warm Feelings” summer playlist on BENCH/BEATS here. […]

B/Biyahe: Postcard from Nasugbu

  As summer warms up our wanderlust, BENCH BLOG emphasizes a rediscovery of domestic destinations. Through the season, we field postcards from our favorite nomads: travelers who inspire travel through their itinerant Instagram feeds. This week, new nomad Javy Cang sends us #LoveLocal all the way from Nasugbu, Batangas.   Story behind the snaps:  My […]

B/TV: Summer Rules – “Pack”

Video: Jake Jereza & Bardo Wu  I  Grooming: Anton Patdu  I  Model: Nando Skinner of IM Agency Manila   Summer—a time we associate with fun under the sun. But with any sort of fun, there are fundamentals to remember; some order to follow amid all this freedom. To live life with flavor and make the […]

B/Biyahe: Taytay Falls with Kimi Juan & Thomas Caja

  As we’ve seen in classics like Bonnie & Clyde and A Life Less Ordinary, love is more exciting when it’s on the run. Even sweeter: when both people can take some great photos along the way. Putting the romance in wanderlust are Thomas Caja and Kimi Juan, who have racked up quite the Instagram […]

B/Biyahe: Liliw, Laguna with Chef Justin Sarabia

Words by Margarita Buenaventura For many of us, the provincial life is an escape—a welcome change from city life. It’s when we stop thinking and simply enjoy. But for Chef Justin Sarabia of Rural Kitchen, heading to the province is more than a chill out jaunt: it’s a muse for his craft. Justin spent several […]

Wander Girls

The older we get, the more we forget. But the same can’t be said when we talk about our best gal pal: the one who’s seen the skeletons in our closet, knows that we are lying when we swear to never drink again, and tells us what they really think about our favorite denim booty […]