We get undressed with the sexiest bodies on Instagram (Part 2 of 2)

Photos by Patrick Diokno Styled by Andrea Ang Make-up and grooming by Nicole Ceballos, Slo Lopez, and Keirlo Velasco The hotness continues. Picture this: It’s a normal, boring weekday and you’re at work, scrolling through your feed during your lunch break. Everything’s a little too bland for your tastes; even the seemingly endless food posts […]


It seems anyone can win social media these days. With photo-editing apps and the option to schedule posts to primetime, “likes” come pretty cheap. A greater victory in today’s viral world? Keeping your mystery amid all the over-sharing. An Estrada is one half of a duo that’s managed mystique despite a massive online following. Though […]

B/TV: The Naked Truth – Men’s & Women’s Underwear

They’re getting closer. So close you can see every small muscular twitch; their stubble; the sweat gather on their skin. B/TV presents the men’s and women’s teasers for the upcoming Naked Truth denim and underwear show. You’re almost a week away from seeing your favorite Benchsetters stripped and sublime. Think you can handle the truth? […]

Nightcrawlers – Stories From the City (Part 2)

Darker days in the city call for wild nights of release. For a bunch of cool kids, midyear rains and ho-hum routines justify deliverance through flashing club lights and explosive beats. Sam, Gustavo, and Kevin head to Makati’s Black Market, where the bar’s Riot House Saturdays promise a night of abandon. Beer bongs are passed […]

BENCH MEETS Filmmaker Bianca Catbagan

Be it angst-ridden (the ‘90s) or app-driven (now), every generation wakes up to find its youth quickly gone; as hazy as the memory of a drunken night that began with so much possibility. Reality pounding at our heads, we ask: where did all that time go? With Letters to the Future, filmmaker Bianca Catbagan aims […]