BENCH MEETS Addie Manzano

Sometimes, being a spectator can be as intense as the game at play. The rush of action and the roar of a crowd can be absolutely intoxicating. Benchsetter Addie Manzano is familiar with this feeling. As a UAAP courtside reporter and host for ANC show Upfront, Addie stands between the excitement of competition and the […]

BENCH MEETS Johan Aguilar

By Marga Buenaventura Despite his boyish good looks and easy charm, Johan Aguilar isn’t just about looking pretty in swim trunks. Defying the jock stereotype, the 21 year-old water bum took on school, swimming, and the rest of his life, really, like a champ. Not only did he graduate magna cum laude in university, he […]

BENCH MEETS Carlos Laurel

Philippine baseball may not attract crowds as large or zealous as, say, basketball, but a player like Carlos Laurel may just give the sport the upswing it needs. It certainly helps that the guy is a homerun in the looks department. With a deep tan and a mane reminiscent of ‘80s teen idols, bleachers shouldn’t […]