#BenchBodyLanguage: Juancho Palacios

With a computer-intensive career path, the only guarantee for physical fitness is a bunch of keyboard-toned fingers. Still, a Computer Application major like Juancho Palacios knows how to balance a software-heavy course out by going hard at the gym. Apart from his grasp of data and programming, the CSB student and campus Hotlister has a […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Paolo Abes

There’s nothing more admirable than discipline in a man, and Paolo Abes has got a lot of it in stock. Though studying Nutrition Dietetics keeps the DLSU student busy, that hasn’t stopped him from keeping up with his workout regimen to maintain an impressively sculpted bod, going as far as waking up early just to […]

B/PROUD: Karlo & Vani, a Father and His Gay Son

It’s a fact: we don’t tell our parents everything. Sexual flings and the nitty-gritty of our rebellious teenage years are things you can take to your grave. But our true identities—shouldn’t the people who introduced us to the world be well acquainted with them? Still, many gay men and women hide who they are and […]