BENCH MEETS Oh Flamingo!

Interview by Bea Faicol Since its launch in 2013, Wanderland has become the magical realm that bridges two alternate worlds: the international music scene and the Pinoy music underground. Which is why the music festival’s Wanderband competition is a one-way ticket to the land of legitimacy. An indie band that once wandered aimlessly gets a […]

Girls’ Night Out

  Words by Margarita Buenaventura Few things can beat the energy of attending a concert, from the vibe of a crowd to the thrill of experiencing your favorite acts live. And despite suffering through sweat, less-than-courteous concertgoers, and pre- and post-event traffic, we still want to dress for the occasion. Plus, you’ll never know—you might […]

The Karpos Kids do Christmas – A Bench Meets Special

Words by Margarita Buenaventura Doing business with one’s family usually comes with a warning label: Don’t. But for siblings Steph, John, and Nicole Uy, it seems that there’s no one else they’d rather work with. And it looks like their family dynamic works, anyway: in a little over two years, their production company Karpos Multimedia […]

ASSEMBLY: Music Festival Musts

Massive summer music festival lineups give a chock-full of reasons to snag a ticket and dive into a sea of people. But with durations that drag on, unwieldy crowds, and outdoor venues at the height of summer heat, there are also enough reasons to proceed with caution. It’s a rip-roaring celebration until your feet give […]