Clothes by BENCH/ and Human
Photography by Koji Arboleda
Styling by Vince Crisostomo
Make up by Pam Robes
Models: Anna Bradborn and Jay Jackson
Words by Cedric Reyes

A refreshing view of both sides of the story.

Let’s see your best angle. Whether it’s a smirk ten degrees to the left or a straight-on smolder, we’ve all got a side of ourselves we like to show the world. It’s a look we’ve all mastered – shoulders arranged just so, chin tucked under. It’s the one angle that puts your best foot forward. From here, you’re indestructible. From here, you’re comfortable, confident, maybe even a little cocky. That’s fine. This is the angle you live in. Now, hold that pose, then turn around completely.

From this rare view, not everyone can make their bright personality shine through. We all have our best angles, but the world sees us from all sides. When caught off guard, or even captured on camera, make every angle the best one. The truth is, you can look good, even from behind. Luckily, it’s not that hard to brave the streets and bare all angles. It doesn’t take an army. Just pack a smile and a few digs from the country’s favorite lifestyle brand – Bench! Get ready to show off from all points of view. You’re about to tell both sides of the story, and everyone’s eyes are peeled.

Clothes by BENCH, sandals by HUMAN

Pants and sweatshirt by BENCH, shirt by HUMAN

Pants by BENCH, shirt by HUMAN

Clothes by BENCH

Clothes by BENCH

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