Bench Bites: A quick DIY Whiskey Sour recipe from the Maisen Bar

Photography by Gabby Cantero
Words by Cedric Reyes
Produced by Koji Arboleda
Special thanks to Maisen BGC

Skip the beer and stay in. Our friends from Maisen are letting us in on a secret cocktail, and it’s perfect for an easy night at home.

The boys behind the bar of Maisen, famous Japanese katsu joint and whisky bar, are a very generous lot. Mostly known for their silky smooth tonkatsu and fine sukiyaki, Maisen also provides a wide variety of drinks, carrying authentic Japanese whisky that packs a serious punch. Though it sounds intimidating, Maisen’s whisky is delicious and straightforward, a great alternative to the neon-colored and sugar-laden drinks of open parties past. For example: if you feel like a vital, aromatic glass of frosted gold, it only takes one Suntory Kakubin on the rocks to cap off your evening. Step right up to the Maisen bar – one that’s slowly expanding its reach.

Maisen’s refreshments are straight-tie but playful, perfect for those weeknights after hectic days at the office. But for some weary souls, stepping out for a drink on hump day might be too much work. After all, we’ve all felt like moseying on back home after the daily grind.

Lucky for us, Maisen has shared an exclusive peak behind their bar with a recipe for their off-menu version of the classic Whisky Sour. Contrary to its name, the Whisky Sour is sweet and supple, familiar to the tongue and so easy to make. Randy from the Maisen bar crafted a version that’s equal parts tropical and East Asian. This version uses orange slices and calamansi juice to spike the drink’s sweetness. It’s lemon-lime soda for the real world, and you can make it yourself.

Maisen’s Whisky Sour might just turn your day of drudgery around. So stay in, make a glass or two. Maybe have someone over. It’s only right to pass on the sweetness.


Chill martini glass with ice.

Separate 15ml egg whites and shake egg whites thoroughly without ice.

In the same container, pour 30ml Jim Beam. This is your first base of whisky.

Then, pour the second base of 60ml calamansi juice.

Top off with 15ml sugar syrup.

Fill the shaker with ice and shake well.

Remove ice from the container and strain while pouring into a martini class.

Garnish with a dried orange slice.

And there you have it.

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