YOUTH ISSUES – Meg & Young Star

Meg x YS

Photography by Nikki Ruiz
Styled by MJ Benitez
Stylist Assisted by Jaime Abella
Grooming by Anacleta Paredes
Modeled by Lui Sunico & Rhea Bue
Illustrations by Czari Dy
Produced by Marga Buenaventura

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues.

The Philippines is no exception to this tradition, with September covers being some of the most talked about in the publishing industry. It’s that spirit of passion and creativity that one can’t deny, made more evident in the country’s youth publications. In Part II of its “Youth Issues” series, BENCH continues to pay tribute to the spirit of each local youth title by putting together styles as recommended by each publication editor. In each look we see that young folks today have never been more diverse. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, perhaps it’s time to do so now.



Editor: Bianca Gonzales

If there’s anyone a girl can trust with the truth, it’s her big sister. Taller, wiser, and knows how to tell it like it is. Condensed in a local magazine format and you get Meg, a magazine that seems to speak to young female readers of various hobbies and interests. This approachable, all-Filipina approach has become even stronger at the launch of, a multi-platform digital lookbook that curates the street style looks of what Meg describes as the “young and confident Filipina.”

When whittled down into a particular look, the Meg girl is equal parts fashionable and smart about her style — as reflected in the variety of its features and style stories. Whip-smart and ready for anything, the look is stylish but not without thought. The Meg look might just be the millennial’s answer to the age-old phrase “smart casual.”



6 - MEG

Meg Essentials:
Chapstick | Yes Please by Amy Poehler | Coffee thermos | Polka dot umbrella





Editor: Jonty Cruz

Since 1996, Young Star has kept its eye on the next best thing in the local youth scene. This lifestyle section of the Philippine Star has earned a reputation for featuring emerging talent, from local artists straight out of college to fashion models on the rise. Young Star’s bylines are also pretty well-known; writer Jessica Zafra and Esquire editor Erwin Romulo are just some of their notable alumni. With “coming of age every week” as its new motto, one can be sure that there’s a tone of honesty and #realness on Young Star’s pages.

“There’s a simplicity to the look of Young Star,” editor Jonty Cruz says of the newspaper’s sartorial look. “We keep what’s essential and take out the fluff.” 


White shirt by Bench, Denim jacket by American Eagle, Jeans by American Eagle, shoes by Aldo.


Young Star

Young Star Essentials:
Book | Cute sweater | Tote bag

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