The A-Z of BENCH/ Body

Directed by Petersen Vargas
Creative Direction by Raymond Ang
Edited by Petersen Vargas
Assistant Editor: Raymond Angelo Santos
VFX by Shintaro Lopez
Sittings by Mags Ocampo, Ina Jacobe, Neal Corpus
Music:  “Perfect Strangers” by Headroom

Now you know your ABCs.

What is sexy? It sounds like a pretty simple question, but really, it’s made up of many different layers. What’s sexy for me may be different for you; what gets you excited may not be the same as the person next to you. Maybe it’s washboard abs or a dominating chest, svelte hips or a cinched waist. Maybe it’s not even a body part. Sometimes it’s when you lick your lips, unbutton your shirt, or pump that iron. It’s that certain je ne sais quoi that makes a person so irresistible — you can’t describe it, but you can’t deny its presence. Whatever it is, let us spell it out for you: here is the A-Z of BENCH/ Body.

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